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Welcome to PA Public Contracts, a legal blog focused on the issues of public bidding and contracting at the state and  local level in Pennsylvania.

This blog will offer news, analysis, opinions, and commentary on public bidding and contracting in Pennsylvania, analysis and commentary on significant court decisions, legislative changes to public procurement law, ideas and tips on public contracting issues, and observations on public bidding questions and disputes.  It is intended eventually to be a clearinghouse of sorts for the topic of public bidding and contracting in Pennsylvania.

I am a construction and public contract attorney at Jacoby Donner, P.C., a boutique construction law firm based in Philadelphia.  Prior to joining Jacoby Donner in June 2005, I was an attorney with the City of Philadelphia Law Department where I focused my practice on representing the City of Philadelphia in a variety of public contract and procurement matters, such as contractor suits, payment claims, MBEC issues, bid protests, and injunction actions in Common Pleas Court.

I hope that all of those who visit this blog will find it of value to their business and public contracting efforts.  Feel free to contact me for further information or assistance.

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